Project Firepoint

Firepoint is my First Person Shooter that I used to learn the programming behind Roblox games. With this project I learned the following:

  • Move objects with CFrame

  • Manage multiple players

  • Create game modes

  • Interact with graphical user interfaces

  • Communicate between Server and Client

  • Save and use player data

  • and more!

Prison Royale

Prison Royale was my team's intern project at Roblox. I made all of the smaller items that players interacted with including the character itself.

I also squashed bugs that would break the game or lead to poor player experience!

Prison Royale hit a peak player count of 8000 players and averaged 3000 throughout developnment.

Part Plugin

Part to Part is a Roblox Studio plugin I made so I didn't have to copy location and rotation values from one part to another. Clicking buttons was much easier!

Smaller projects

These modular doors detect which side you are on and always opens away from the player!


I also create models!

About Me

My name is Carl and I am a self-built game developer with over 5 years of experience creating Roblox games. I have a passion for solving logic puzzles and creating fun contraptions! I am currently learning C++ and Unreal Engine 5.

black laptop computer turned on on table
black laptop computer turned on on table

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